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Based out of Kelowna BC, Wublin aka Ryland Laflin has been around the festival scene since a young age. First introduced to the electronic scene at local festivals such as fozzy fest AND MOTION NOTION. THE ATMOSPHERE AND FAMILY VIBE OF THESE PARTIES WAS ALL IT TOOK TO INSPIRE THIS YOUNG ARTIST TO TAKE TO THE DECKS HIMSELF. After 3 years of local music shop lessons and youtube tutorials, AND A RESIDENCY AT THE LOCAL NIGHT CLUB, Wublin joined The Centre for Arts and Technology and enrolled in the Audio engineering program TO gain new knowledge in fundamental music production and theory, sound design, music AND sound FX for tv, film, video games, as well as live SOUND SET UP & studio recording techniques. all while smashing performances at festivals and clubs across western canada, sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in canadian bass music such as Mat The Alien, DEFUNK, K+lab, Woofax, Abstrakt Sonance, PERKULATOR, JOE NICE, The Arcturians, Jellynote, Leo ZEN, and many more.